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What We Do

Welcome to Copper Fox Visuals. We are here to take your ideas, concepts, blueprints, or CAD drawings to the next level.  Being able to look at a drawing or blueprint and visualize it is not always easy for a client, investor, or donor.  Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to understand your vision in a straight forward way.  We understand that time is money and that it may not always be in your best interest to spend your time and effort in adding the final details. That is why we are here to assist in making your vision come to life.

Copper Fox Visuals primarily creates 2D and 3D pre-visualizations for Architectural Exteriors, Interiors, Technology Integration and Live Events. We also work on pre-visualizations for Capital Campaigns. We have an experienced Video Producer on staff and work with partner production companies to produce a complete campaign package.

We are currently working on expanding our offerings to 3D walk throughs and Legal CG visual aids.

Architectural Exteriors

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  4. 415 Franklin  Madison Ford
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  6. Stylized, Downtown, Arch Viz, Visualization, Render,

• Residential housing
• Retail space
• Industrial complexes
• Parks and Recreation space
• Office complexes

Architectural Interiors

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• Residential Homes & Cottages
• Apartments
• Office Buildings
• Houses of Worship
• Entertainment complexes
• Museums

Technology Integration

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  10. Space Planning

• Room layouts
• Projection systems
• Sound structure environments
• Digital Signage
• Live Event staging
• Exposition space layouts

Getting Started

We will provide you with a starting questionnaire document that will help us develop a quote for you. We know with very few exceptions cost is always an important part of the equation. This document will help us understand your desired final product, and guide us in providing an initial quote and hopefully a working partnership.  Like most things in the designing and building industries, there are many variables that make up our pricing structures.  Listed below are some of the variables and tier levels for each to provide you with the perfect balance of final product detail and cost.
Basic Build
Detail & Complexity
This is the start where we take your design and start building it out in 3 dimensions. The amount of view points that you have chosen to render out will have a direct impact on overall pricing.
As expected the more detail and complexity needed for an image the more time it will take to both build and render. This is especially the case with interiors.  We would never present you with an empty room. Even at the base tier we provide a full experience.
Lighting and Textures
Photo Finishes
If desired, this is the final step. We will utilize additional programs after the final render to depict a mood or create a more believable environment. This tends to be the final polish. Not all projects require this step.  Some are more than happy with the results before this step.
We can provide both simple lighting and object textures, or we can make them quite complex and anything in between.
It will all depend on your vision for the final deliverable. Sometimes you need it to be photorealistic, sometimes it only needs to evoke a feeling or concept.

Oh yes revision. We know there will be some.  We expect that and include a certain amount of them as part of your original quote.  "Change that color." "Move that tree over there and make it bigger." Depending on where in the process it occurs, these types of changes may not be an issue. If the revision request falls outside of the general workflow, we will immediately contact you with addition information on how it will affect the final cost.  The key in the process is to provide us as much information at the beginning of the process as possible to avoid extra time and expense.  We know that on some projects it just cannot be helped.

Next Steps

What we need from you
Now that you know what we do and the different options that are available to you,  we would like to know more about your project(s).

Please contact us by phone, email, or just by leaving your comments or questions at the bottom of this page.

We can discuss:
• Your timeline
• The scope of work
• The level of finishing
• How many views required
• Other pertinant details

There are many forms of information we can use to develop your project into a 3D model. The more specific the information the faster and more accurate the final product.

We can take:
• CAD documents
• Blueprints
• Photographs (with detailed measurements included)
• Sketches (with measurements included)

We look forward to working with you.
If you are in the West Michigan area and would like to schedule a meeting just let us know when you are available.

Talk to US
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Phone: 616-855-6558